Tuesday, January 29, 2008

343 Favorites & Growing

Welcome to my new blog. Here, I'll endeavor to elaborate upon what it is I love about photography. I'll be going through the continually growing pool of photos I've fav'd around Flickr and one by one explain what it is that struck me about each image. I feel that one of Flickr's strengths is the ease with which one can find quality photography and inspiring photographers of all styles.

I've got 343 photos in my favorites list, which translates to 1 new fav every 2 and a half days since I've become a member of Flickr. It looks like my material for this blog will not be running dry anytime soon. Aside from providing my thoughts on specific images, I'll also be introducing alot of my favorite Flickr contacts since some of those cats are truly phenomenal in both technical skill and creativity.

If you'd like the skip the commentary, or perhaps just want a sneak peak, my list of contacts can be found here, and my page of favorites here.

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