Friday, March 7, 2008


Exit zone, originally uploaded by heiko_w.

Just like the guy making his way through this temporary walkway, I'm going through some stuff. The frequency of posts have been wavering as of late and I'm afraid the infrequency will likely continue. I wish it were easier to write about the photos that I love, but the truth is that at times writing is like pulling teeth. Years of leaving concise yet unspecific comments around flickr and elsewhere have left my writing sensibilities dull and decrepit.

I've tricked myself into thinking I could do a handful of things in my life all at once, but I sadly cannot. So while I look forward to continuing to share my thoughts on my favorite photography at clickclickclick, and while recognizing that continuing to write here regularly is one of the only ways I can hope to improve my writing, I confess that it's too much for me to attempt five, or even four, posts a week. Overexcited by this new project, and passionate about it to a fault, I have neglected to prioritize my life properly.


Though his features are not visible to us,the man in the photo still appears to be sure-footed and certain of his destination. While darkness surrounds him on all four sides, his path is lit and he is about to turn the corner with a resolve that I contrastingly do not have. I know the pathway is a temporary one and that it serves to cover you between here and there but I still hesitate. So again I apologize. I will be posting much more infrequently from now on -- at least until I get myself from here to there.

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Chibi_Neko2 said...

I'm sorry to hear that you will not posting as frequently as I truly enjoy your blog.
But, prioritizing is of course essential to accomplishing the truly important things in life.
I wish you luck and will continue to look forward to any new posts, as infrequent as those posts may be.