Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Untitled, originally uploaded by Lee Wei-I.

I couldn't help myself. Here's another Lomo LC-A shot, this time featuring Agfa film. Just as different digital cameras seem to process colors in subtly different ways, producing varying degrees of true-to-life-ness, film results vary from company to company. Kodak is known for warm tones, verging on being an orange-ish color cast. My parents were partial to Kodak film, so I suppose I've grown up accustomed to seeing photographs with this kind of look. When I started shooting with my first digital camera, I instinctively color corrected my photos to have that warmth. Kodak's biggest competitor, Fuji, is known for slightly cooler color reproduction, with greater saturation. Above, we have an example of Agfa film, which boasts extreme color saturation.

Naturally, this is the perfect film for the Lomo LC-A, which also boasts super saturation. The result speaks for itself. All I can add is that simple cameras are good at reminding us that bright sunshine + 100iso film = winning photos featuring vivid colors & high contrast. If you've read some of the other posts, you may know that I love night time shots with dramatic lighting. Those kinds of conditions require specific techniques/equipment: longer exposure times, tripods or surrogate tripods like chairs or trashcans, and the ability to hold your own if cornered in that dark alley during a night shoot.

It's good to realize that there are great opportunities in broad daylight. The type of energy and emotion that Lee Wei-I has captured above is just as intense as many of my favorite after dark photographs. Looking at it now, it reminds me that I have some neglected cameras that are looking for some action. In fact, after seeing some of a great shots that Lee Wei-I and other have been able to get on Agfa film, I ran out and bought a few rolls. This morning I was scratching my head, wondering where those had gone, when I realized the film was still wound in my Nikomat from over one year prior. I got to go get that developed.

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