Thursday, February 14, 2008


Untitled, originally uploaded by BůřpSÉäN™.

I'm not sure who was in charge of the framing of this great portrait, but I love the decision to chop bride and groom in half, leaving that patch of red background right in the center. Burpsean on the left and Ivy on the right are both on flickr and I'd like to think that they were the creative minds behind this great wedding portrait. One commenter left a message saying this shot resembles a typical Korean horror movie flick poster. I totally agree in that there's an intensity to the shot: in the colors, the expressions, and the preciseness of it.

The lighting on both bride and groom is perfect. The lighting on that background is nicely down as well. I wonder if it was done with studio strobes or something simpler, like a diffused flash straight ahead, reflector beneath, and something lighting the red background. The even lighting works really nicely here to highlight a clean, straightforward shot with an unconventional composition.

There's not much else to say here. Other than Happy Valentine's Day to everyone celebrating it. Also, I hope I eventually get a chance to be in such an awesome wedding portrait. Or shoot one.


Chibi_Neko2 said...

I LOVE your blog! The pictures are just fantastic! I'm a fan of photography, although sadly, not terribly skilled when comes to taking an artful shot. But that's probably why I appreciate other people's abilities in it so much. Please keep posting!

Laura said...

Very cool. I am loving this blog, Bobby. :D